Who We Are

We are an advocacy group for the Dog Run, as well as issues around pet ownership in our neighborhood. We share tips, ideas, resources and licks in the run. If you have a dog, live in Inwood, and are interested in joining Inwoof, we hope you will do so!

Becoming an Inwoof member allows you to vote in elections, receive notices of events, access resources and photos, and subscribe to our facebook group,a discussion group focused on Homer's Run. Inwoof membership is free. 

To join Inwoof, send a request to join our Facebook group. One of our officers will be happy to welcome you to the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/inwoof/

Inwoof's Officers
President: Valerie Fullarton (Theo & Rupert) - term ends January 15, 2018
Vice President: Larissa McDowell (Boomer & Willow) - term ends January 15, 2019
Treasurer: Rebecca Klein (Toby) - term ends January 15, 2018
Parks Liaison: Lissette Guillermo - term ends January 15, 2019

Inwoof's officers can be contacted through this form or in the run.