Vital Info

This is the homepage of Inwoof, the community of dog owners who frequent Homer's Run in Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan.

Check out our events page to see what's happening in the run!

We are an advocacy group for the Dog Run, as well as issues around pet ownership in our neighborhood. We share tips, ideas, resources and licks in the run. If you have a dog, live in Inwood, and are interested in joining us, we hope you will!

Becoming an Inwoof member allows you to vote in elections, receive notices of events, access resources and photos, and subscribe to our listserv,a discussion group focused on Homer's Run. (If you'd rather not receive emails you can always elect the "Web Only" message delivery option.) Inwoof membership is free, and is managed using the free Yahoo!Groups service.

To join Inwoof, send an email to inwoof-owner@yahoogroups.com giving your first and last names along with the name of your dog (or dogs) in the body of the message. This is a community group, and as such we cannot accept anonymous members.

In due time you'll receive an invitation to join the group - please be patient as we're all volunteers here! When the email invitation arrives, open it and click "Join this group!" and on the next page click the blue "Join the group." Complete the settings on the next page, click on the "Join" button on the bottom right, and then "Continue."

Inwoof's Officers:
President: Jason McDowell (Boomer and Willow) - term ends January 15, 2016
Vice President: Catherine Campbell (Grover) - term ends January 15, 2015
Treasurer: Cody Westgaard (Zero) - term ends January 15, 2016
Parks Liaison: Connie Vasquez (Stella) - term ends January 15, 2015
Inwoof's officers can be contacted by email at officers@inwoof.com or in the run.

For general information about Inwoof, please email info@inwoof.com