Thank you all for a wonderful Inwoof Howl-o-ween this year! We had a great turn-out (at least 30 dogs in costume) and perfect weather. There were so many wonderful costumes. 

Our winners were: Funniest - Hapi (Naomi Fink) as "Snookie" from Jersey Shore with unforgettable cleavage action, Cutest - Giorgi (Robert) as "Dorothy" from the Wizard of Oz with companion Cowardly Lion, Scariest - Fergus as a Cyborg Dog complete with exposed blinking innards, Best Celeb look-alike went to Ella (Adam Shavulsky) as Stevie Wonder, Best Store Bought went to Penelope (Cari) who came as a pink Geisha, and Best Themed Pet/Owner outfits went to Max the Sheriff and his robber parents, Sean and Kellie.

The judges also wished to include "Honorable Mention" to the following dogs for their awesome costumes: Ghostbuster Girlie Girl (Taj), Yip Yap and Uni as Football Player and Cheerleader - Paloma Diaz), Pirates 1 and 2 Doc Holiday and Miranda (Cathy and Ted Minos), Buddy as Tigger (Eva), Levi the Ham (Jessica), and Daisy the Bad Ass (Laurie). 

We wish to thank all of the dogs and their humans who dressed up and filled our park and parade with festive fun.

We also wish to thank our judges for their very difficult deliberations: Monique Buzzarte, Valerie Fullarton, Larissa McDowell and non-dog owners Catherine and Jessica (via Sarah Paulding). And an extra special thanks go to our Vice President Catherine Campbell for organizing the event, and a special thank you to Sarah Paulding of Lucy (pirate wench) whose efforts gathering sponsors, posting flyers, and organizing made this whole thing possible.

Thank you also to our co-sponsors at Dichter Pharmacy, Pipers Kilt, Garden Café, Indian Road Café, Grandpa's Brick Oven Pizza, Inwood Gourmet, and Barry Waldrop at Groom Your Fiend). Please support our local businesses who continually and generously support our dog run!

Finally, we thank our Howl-O-Ween Sponsor Amine Benmesbah of Furry Fiends for making this day a success and always giving so much to our dog community.

And thank you to our dogs for putting up with our strange rituals. It's all for them!

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